Boise and Eagle Dental Hygiene

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

All of your regular visits to Bauter Family dentistry will include a checkup and cleaning. A thorough inspection of your gums and teeth will be performed by registered dental hygienists. Our hygiene visits are very comfortable, thorough and gentle. At Bauter Family dentistry, we believe in prevention. By actively preventing disease and decay through regular home care, professional cleanings and regular exams, we will help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Oral Cancer examinations will also be performed when you are here for a hygiene check-up. Every year, there are about 34,000 new cases of oral cancer and oropharyngeal cancer in the United States. The most common site of oral cancer is the tongue. We thoroughly inspect all the tissues of your mouth, along with your head and neck, for minor changes that might indicate oral cancer. This will allow you peace of mind.

Teeth Cleaning in Eagle and Boise

Jonathan W. Bauter:

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