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Dr. NaRee Kim

Dr. NaRee Kim has loved living in Idaho since 2015. After years of visiting family members here, the beauty of Idaho and all it has to offer, inticed Dr. Kim and her husband, Dr. John Malan, along with their three children to permenantly move to the area. She enjoys the outdoors, photography and ethnic cuisine!

In 2006, Dr. Kim graduated from the University of the Pacific, San Francisco, California with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. She added to her education a certificate in advanced education in Genral Dentistry Residency Program. Dr. Kim then moved to Seattle, Wa where her husband attended a specialty residency. Her work experience there solidified the education she had received.

Dr. Kim is a member of the Association of Genral Denstistry (AGD) as well as the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Southwest Idaho Dental Society. Her continuing education has largely been focused on CAD, CAM Dentistry, as well as application of Laser therapy in dentistry along with up to date dentistry techniques and materials.

Most of all Dr. Kim enjoys the personal relationships dentistry provides. She hopes to convey that personal touch and specific treatment plan that is needed for each unique patient and feels it is a must in the healthcare field.

With an emphasis on esthetic dentistry, Dr. Kim's eye for harmony, balance and health will translate into a smile that will last a lifetime.

Jonathan W. Bauter:

“I want to personally invite you to visit my offices in Boise and Eagle.”